Sky Digital TV Link

The Sky Digital TV Link allows you to control the Sky Digibox from any room in the house that has a TV outlet point.
The TV Link is a remote control extender that is compatible with Sky Digital.

The remote eye that comes with the TV Link is simply placed on top of your TV set in the room that you want to control you Sky Digibox from and it relays signals back to you Digibox via a connecting coax cable. The TV link is connected via an unused output on your Sky Digibox to your second TV.

You simply run a cable from your Sky Digibox to the room you want to control your Digibox from and the TV link fits on to the end of the cable.

The picture Fig (1) shows the TV link fitted in a typical installation. To change channels or operate the Sky menu you simply use your existing remote control, or you can buy a second remote.

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